Do you have the intestinal fortitude needed to win that shirt? →


All week, popular Eagle Rock eatery The Oinksterhosts Burger Week, a celebration (and reinterpretation) of some of America’s favorite burgers.

Monday - ‘Red’ Castle Sliders
Tuesday - The 2 x 4
Wednesday - Northeast Bacon Cheeseburger
Thursday - Grill ‘Em All Grill Takeover
Friday - Sourdough ‘Josh’
Saturday - Pork Adobo Burger
Sunday - The Big ‘Max’

Mix and match any of their specialty burgers with a fantastic selection of draft and bottled / canned beers, like North Coast’s Pranqster, localCraftsman 1903 or the Deschutes Black Butte Porter. Make it out every night, and earn yourself a commemorative t-shirt.

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